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Russian Brilliants® is The Most Natural Looking
Diamond Simulant
Set in Solid Gold or Platinum
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Russian Brilliants® Makes it Possible to Wear Your Dream Ring on Your Wedding Day

Imagine wearing the ring of your dreams at a fraction of the cost. As much as we all wish we could afford a mined diamond ring, that isn't always possible; and that's where simulated diamond rings can help.

With savings over 90% compared to a mined diamond, Russian Brilliants® is the afforable alternative to costly engagement rings. Our incredibly natural looking diamond simulant is set in a solid 14k & 18k gold or platinum setting and made in the U.S.A. With our Design your Dream Ring option, you can even custom design your own engagement ring.


Sarah from Syndney, Australia says about Russian Brilliants® Simulated Diamonds...

I received my rings two days ago and it has taken me till now to get my hands to stop shaking enough to type. WOW! Blown away, they are magnificent, better than I could have ever imagined. I must admit I thought it might have been somewhat of a gamble ordering online, especially all the way from Australia. Well if you don't gamble you don't hit the jackpot and I sure have.

Thank you for everything

Jack from CO says about Russian Brilliants® Simulated Diamonds...

My wife owns one of your beautiful ideal cut D-E flawless one-carat solitaires, together with a Tiffany diamond ring of similar size and shape, which I gave her years ago. The Tiffany ring is very attractive, though certainly not a D-E flawless (VSII), but my wife has never been able to wear that ring with peace of mind; she has always feared losing it or worse.... Your lovely solitaire has made is possible for her to travel with her "best" jewelry for the first time.

Thank you for an outstanding product!

Rebecca from OH says about Russian Brilliants® Simulated Diamonds...

I purchased some earrings from you - there are fabulous. I also have Moissanite but your diamonds are so much better and similar to true natural diamonds. I just received my Russian Brilliance Stone. It is STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!! I compared it to me real diamond...there's NO comparison. I told you that my diamond can't seem to stay shiny. I can't wait to put my new "diamond" in it's place.
I was extremely impressed that you all called me! And very touched. How I wish you were in OHIO!!! Think about it...

Thank you for a wonderful piece of beauty!

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